The Hottest Job Markets During the Recession.

 Now that the election has been settled and the economy is in recession, people are asking “What are the hottest industries to look for a job?“. Each one of these industries are still looking for people to fill their positions. Networking your way in is very important toward getting an interview. Here are the hot industries to find career success.


  1. Health Care/Biotechnology –Biotechnology is the career of the future because of its diversity- Biofuels, Agribusiness (genetically engineered plants, feeds and seeds), BioPharma (Medicine from biological sources such as gene therapy and plant derived medicines ). The demand for medicines will continue to climb so there will also be a need for manufacturing engineers.
  2. Energy/Alternative Energy- The  unpredictable price of fossil fuels and national security issues connected to oil will push solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and other power sources towards higher growht. Especially, those energy sources that produce minimal waste and emissions.

  3. Civil,Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering/Infrastructure- The next stimulus package will be ripe with new spending for roads, bridges, water treatment plants and other infrastructure related projects. There will be a special push for Electrical engineers who can help in the upgrade of the national electrical grid. Without an updated electrical grid, solar and wind energy growth will be muted. There is also a renewed interest in nuclear power.

  4. Defense/Security –The War on Terror is a sinister game of cat and mouse. People who can build a “better mouse trap” will be in demand. Products that detect explosives, biological, chemical, nuclear materials and other potentially lethal agents will be in special demand.

  5. Software/Database development- Software, database and other information professionals that support all industries will be in demand because of the need to acquire, store and retrieve information. Outsourcing will create a special layer of US based managers, programmers and help desk to deal with special situations.

  6. Construction/Craft/Maintenance- A recession causes industries to take inventory, clean up and repair their infrastructure. Workers who can work with their hands will find more opportunities in 2009.

  7. Federal Government- The Federal government has a huge staffing problem. The average age of government workers is around 45 years old. The upper echelon of government workers will start to retire in 2010.


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