The Tipping Point of the American Economy

Tonight on “CNBC Reports” a question was posed to a group of guests just after the House vote on the Auto Bailout. “What will be the tipping point of the US economy?” The panelists said everything from Americans must save more money to consumers starting to spend money again.  I beg to differ.

The tipping point of the American economy will occur when:

  1. The American people begin to work together to pull out of the recession through sharing resources, barter, collective/bulk purchasing and paying cash for goods and services. When corporate execs and government officials start seeing goods, services and cash moving at the grassroots level without their involvement. They will try to get into the fray.
  2. The education  and experience level  of the workforce moves toward the jobs that are in demand. There is a shortage of nurses, teachers, engineers, scientists, water treatment plant operators,  accountants and craft workers just to name a few fields that need people.

In great times of need in our history, Americans have set aside their differences and did what needed to be done to take of themeselves; their neighbors and their country. Now is the time for us to act.

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