Brace Yourself for a Bumpy (Job Market) Ride

After listening to the Obama Infrastructure plan, I was excited like everyone else. However after studying  the speech carefully some serious questions came to mind. Here they are:

  1. Who is going to be responsible for retraining the workers for the new “green” jobs? It takes time and money to put together the training curriculum and train the workers. College and Universities will need some reform and stimulus
  2. The last recession featured a “jobless” recovery where the jobs for middle class workers did not manifest until much later. Can people afford to wait?
  3. Environmental permitting and paperwork takes months or years to complete. How  can this bottleneck be handled without drawing too much ire from environmental groups? This could delay jobs and projects into 2010.

There is a growing concern that expectations for the stimulus plan may be too high and there will be thousands of people looking for jobs that maybe delayed until 2010. What do you think?


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