UPDATED: Hottest Stimulus Infrastructure Jobs For 2009

We, at Hinton Human Capital, believe the “green” and infrastructure job markets are showing signs of life. Here are some of the jobs we are working on and others where we are seeing opportunities. Click on the links for more information. 

  1. Civil/Structural Engineer/ Construction Manager: These are the design consultants and construction managers for the highway/roadway work in the stimulus package.

  2. Environmental Scientist/Compliance & Permitting: These are the people who do the environmental investigations and write the environmental permits and reports for construction, industry and climate change. These people will be especially important to the smart grid, rural broadband and environmental clean up projects.

  3. Environmental Engineers: These are the people who design water and wastewater treatment systems. Many cities like Atlanta, DC and Portland, OR have multi billion wastewater infrastructure upgrade programs underway which will receive funding.

  4. Electrical/Utility Engineers: These are the people who design and maintain the electrical grid and power plants. There maybe a shortage of these people as the design and construction of the new grid picks up.

  5. Field Supervisors, Inspectors, Superintendents and Field Support Staff: These are the people who make sure the projects are done right at the ground level. No crybabies here. They do the tough jobs.

  6. Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians and other installers: The stimulus package has large allocations for conservation of energy and water. There are always shortages of qualified people in these industries.

  7. Climate Change/Environmental Professionals-Many of these people are engineers and scientists but their focus is monitoring, reduction of greenhouse gases and pollution. Now that the EPA is moving forward with Cap and Trade regulations more opportunities will open up. 


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