A Stimulus Shot in the (Job Hunter’s) Arm

Everyone has differing opinions about the stimulus package. Some call it a spending bill. Others call it a step in the right direction. We call it a “Mind Set Changer”. Think about this for moment:

$66 Billion dollars for infrastructure investment is coming to the marketplace. To get ahead of the competition, architecture, engineering, construction companies, manufacturers and suppliers are already starting to position themselves for the immediate “shovel ready” projects. They know they need people and equipment ready to go the day when the projects are awarded. To get hired, job hunters need to position themselves for employment right now.

Here is what a job hunter should do:

  1. Update or acquire the new skills needed for the new jobs coming available. If it means going back to school, then do it. Infrastructure companies are always short of Business Development professionals, Construction Managers, Computer Aided Designers (CAD), Design Engineers, Estimators, Field Supervisors, Inspectors, Project Managers, and Schedulers. Important software packages to learn are : Primavera, Auto CAD and Microstation.

  2. Shake hands and take names. Relationships do count in a job hunt. Networking with Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry associations, community groups, recruiters and staffing firms will help out tremendously. Many of the best infrastructure jobs are unadvertised and accessed through networking.

  3. Have a resume which emphasizes achievements, experience, relationships and technical expertise. Infrastructure companies look for people who know how to solve problems for their clients in a timely and profitable fashion. Your resume must showcase that you have the talent they need.  

The time for doom and gloom is over. It is time to get to work. What do you think? Please comment.


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