5 More Hot Stimulus Related Jobs For Late 2009

Here are more stimulus related jobs which may start to pick up in late 2009.

  1. The US Government: Over 50% of the federal government employees are expected to be in retirement range by 2010. Expect the government to start replacing these people especially in national security and economic related positions. Look for growth in the SEC, IRS, EPA, FDA, Defense Procurement, Intelligence and other agencies.
  2. Software & Database Programmers/Developers: The medical records industry will go through a major database development phase. Now is the time to start positioning yourself for a job.
  3. Telecommunications: The Rural Broadband initiative includes money for telemedicine. Rural areas have some of the greatest challenges when it comes to health care access.
  4. Law Enforcement/Security/Investigation: Fraud, Fraud everywhere. Look for growth in niche industries especially forensic accounting, crime scene investigation and surveillance.
  5. Accounting, Auditing, Bankruptcy and Taxes: Someone must cleanup the mess left by failed banks, investment vehicles and businesses. There will be specific attention paid to the assets which come from the actions.

As the stimulus package money begins to seep into the economy more opportunities like these will open. Job seekers must position themselves now to get these jobs when they open.


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