The Federal Employment Crisis: Apply For Your Job Now

Many of us have seen the trouble the Obama administration has had filling key government posts. Qualified candidates have had to withdraw their names because of past mistakes which came out in the vetting process. We are also learning that the fraud scandals on Wall Street were partially caused by the inadequate number of staff at the regulatory agencies. Now I am here to alert job seekers to new opportunities which will be exacerbated by the stimulus package.

It has been widely documented that the federal government is experiencing a staffing shortage and all agencies of government are critically affected. In a year 2000 report, “Report to the President: The Human Capital Crisis” Senator George Voinovich pointed out that:

“In 2004 over 50 percent of 1.8 million federal employees will be eligible for retirement” and “at the 2004 retirement rate, in 2010 over 660,000 employees will have retired.”

A March 2001 hearing called “The National Security Implications of the Human Capital Crisis”explored the ramfications of employees losses in the DOD and other national security related agencies and concluded that :

“The amount of knowledge and experience that is literally going to walk out the door by the end of the decade is unquantifiable. Perhaps even more concerning, government service is no longer a career path of choice for young Americans for a variety of reasons. There is no government wide plan to reshape our workforce so that it can respond to the problems of today and the challenges of tomorrow”

 The federal government will need to hire large number of people to keep pace with its losses and to be able to manage the money from the stimulus package. If the government does not hire appropriate numbers of people, it is possible for the stimulus money to become bottle necked.

 We believe that the federal government will have some great job opportunities in the coming months. Don’t you think it is time to consider a government career?

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