The First Green Tsunami of Job Opportunities

As the Stimulus package takes effect in more areas of the economy, environmental and infrastructure related jobs openings have begun to slowly increase. Now is the time to get in position and catch the wave. 

Another Civil Engineer Shortage?

Now that Stimulus package is taking effect in the infrastructure sector of the economy. Consulting engineering firms and government agencies like the Army Corps of Engineers are finding that they do not have enough employees to do design, construction management and project management. Take a look at Carol Metzner’s of Civil Engineering article to learn more about opportunities in civil engineering.

Climate Change Boom: Obama Policies Create Largest Consulting Boom In 20 Years.

President Obama’s climate change initiatives are creating high end jobs in the consulting industry. In his article  for Climate Change Corp.,David Metcalf of Verdantix lays out a  treasure map of the growth and job opportunities in Climate Change consulting. Hinton Human Capital is one of the search firms who specializes in environmentally focused industries such as climate change consulting. See our jobs here.

Emission Traders Expect Huge $3 Trillion US Carbon Market by 2020 

If you worked for a Wall Street Firm and have an interest in the Carbon Market or a person who wants to be a carbon trader. You may be interested in this article by Nina Chestney and Michael Szabo of Reuters. It talks about how the new climate change laws could create a whole new environmentally focused  financial market over the next decade. Tracey de Morsella of Green Economy Post also wrote a great article on the growth of green jobs.

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