Forestry:The Next BIG Climate Change Career

When I wrote that Forestry was going to be a potential area of career growth in the green economy, I could hear the snickering from across the country. How can the ultimate “tree hugger” job be a catalyst for climate change?  Well, most people know that trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide from high school science class. Now we are learning how valuable trees and plants can be in the removal and storage (sequestration) of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Let me explain how this career field has become more important. Part of the US Climate Change bill calls for the use of forest lands as offsets or credits.  Whether you agree or not with science behind climate change or the trading scheme, one thing is sure: People are beginning to realize that planting trees may be bigger business than cutting them down. Forestry is a job that will be on the front lines of the battle against climate change. Check out this article from Science Daily and decide for yourself:

 U.S. forests and soils store equivalent of 50 years of nation’s COsub2/sub emissions, new estimates find.


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