11 Hot Infrastructure Jobs You Can Get Without a 4 Year College Degree

Ok, Stephen. What’s up with this?

I am glad you asked. This article is intended to tell the public about some career fields they may have not considered. Why? These types of jobs do not normally require a college degree and have shortages of workers in good times. Further, the emphasis on LEED certified projects will make these jobs even more attractive to those who want get in on the “ground floor” and work their way into construction management.  The stimulus related projects will also cause the need for these people to ramp up substantially. Don’t believe me?  Check out the facts.

Highway/Roadway Bridge Inspectors: Bridge Inspectors must have a keen understanding of construction codes and techniques to make sure bridges are structurally sound. They are also responsible for assessing the condition of these structures over time to make sure they receive proper maintenance and meet safety standards. Here is why this job will hot: 77,000 bridges in the US need extensive repairs or replacement. This not a typo or a manufactured statement. It is real. Check out the www.bls.gov stats here.

There are also other inspector jobs that are expected to grow as the “shovel ready” projects get underway:

  • Electrical Inspectors
  • Plumbing Inspectors
  • Public Works Inspectors

Civil and Environment Engineering Technicians: Civil and Environmental engineering technicians help engineers in the design and specification of infrastructure projects such as water treatment facilities and/or environmental remediation systems. Over the next three decades, the infrastructure of the United States will have to undergo a major overhaul. Some other titles which fall under this field are:

  • CADD Technician
  • Hazardous Waste Technician
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Surveyors and Mapping Technicians: If you have read some of my earlier articles, you have seen this occupation before. The positions in this industry are going to pickup as projects get underway. Further, surveyors are in short supply in many parts of the country. 

It is your turn: Is there a job in the Climate Change, Environmental or Infrastructure field  that peaks your interest? Ask us a question. Our job is not only help place professionals in jobs but to inform the public about these overlooked careers. If you are considering a green, environmental or infrastructure job with a certification, degree or training, check our e-book: Is It Worth The Green? before you invest.

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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. I’ve also started a blog for people searching for jobs.

  2. Great article, thanks for sharing and I’ve boomarked this page.

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