Q&A: Are Oil Spill and Other Disaster Recovery Related Jobs Green?

The Answer Is Yes

Disaster Recovery and Environmental Remediation/Restoration(HAZMAT) jobs are definitely green. Here is why: Oil  is a hazardous material which can cause serious damage in an ecosystem or a human population if it is left unchecked. Every person involved the clean up process must be specially trained in proper cleaning,disposal and safety protocols to ensure the oil is removed without further damage to the environment. (During the Exxon Valdez cleanup, crews used steam cleaners which were later found to kill off important microbial life.) After the spill is successfully cleaned, teams of scientists are assigned to monitor the area for ecological and health effects. 

What Industries Hire People With This Training?

  1. Government: Most major cities have a hazmat trained personnel to respond to any type of emergent environmental accident, natural disaster or terrorism.Their first order of business is to establish what type of contamination; how much and how to stop the contamination from spreading. The federal and state governments hire hazmat personnel as of their emergency for major disasters and terrorist incidents.
  2. Energy: Believe or not most energy companies have hazmat trained executives and staff member whose role is to prevent situations like the Louisiana Oil spill from happening through compliance with EPA. OSHA and state environmental regulations. Nuclear Hazmat personnel have more extensive training.
  3. Environmental Consulting Firms: Environmental consulting firms are one of employers for hazardous waste trained professionals. The goverment and private companies hire these firms for their expertise and resources.
  4. Manufacturing:  Any manufacturing operation which uses any type hazardous chemicals will have hazmat trained staff. These people ensure that hazardous chemicals are properly used and handled throughout the manufacturing process. They also work closely with health & safety staff to train employees on how to handle spills and exposures.
  5. Transportation/Logistics: Hazardous materials have to be shipped to their users by pipeline, train, truck or ship. Hazmat trained personnel are responsible for putting together protocols for safe transport and emergency response.

What You Should Do

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