Now Hiring: Green,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs You Don’t Know About

Despite what the media has been saying about a “double dip” recession or a “jobless” recovery, companies in the green, environmental and infrastructure industries are quietly hiring. Who are they hiring and what positions are they looking to fill? You know I love lists. At the end of this post I will provide links to articles and jobs in the fields I am discussing. Here is a short list of the types of people green, environmental and infrastructure companies are hiring:

  1. Business Development/Sales:  A mentor of mine, Dr. Edwin Louis Cole said  “Money follows relationships“. The recession forced large amounts of private money on to the sidelines and the federal government has been trying to pump public money into the economy to get things going.  Despite what the skeptics are saying,  this money is looking for place to be spent or invested. The only way companies can get this money is to have the right relationships and sell their products and services.  Job seekers who specialize in business development and sales know that relationships are an asset companies are eagerly looking to acquire. Look for strong opportunities in equipment sales for air scrubbers, green building materials, recyclables, pipes and water treatment.
  2. Technical Non Degree Positions: Electrical, natural gas and water/wastewater utilities are headed toward a potential staffing crisis where 40-60% of their staff may be eligible for retirement by 2012. Expect the number of open positions to increase for linemen, switch gear maintenance, pipeline repair technicians and water treatment plant operators. There will also be a strong demand for inspectors and maintenance personnel in energy(oil & gas), highway/roadway/bridge and green buildings. Job seekers who are interested in these types of positions should start training now. Take a look at this list of opportunities: Open jobs: Water industry
  3. Project Management/Business Management:Green, Environmental and infrastructure companies are project management driven organizations which  are dependent on having effective and competent project managers to deliver projects, build client relationships and grow the bottom line. The recession has made the conduct and financial skill level of PMs even more important because stricter financial regulations. Job seekers in the project management arena demonstrate their abilities in real money and time metrics to get noticed. Further, the demand  for project management oriented certifications like CHMM, PMP, EVP and CCE is growing steadily. (Open job:Earned Value Professional) (Hot Certifications Explained)
  4. Executive Leadership: Situations like the BP oil spill; Wall Street bailout and overall economic uncertainty have made companies in the green, environmental and infrastructure markets to seek executives with more experience and skills in crisis, change, risk management and strategic management. Why? The “new normal” business environment has dictated that executives be more careful in their decision-making processes and able to handle any emergency situations (like BP Oil Spill or Lehman Brothers) that may arise. Look for special emphasis on incident command training, crisis and situation leadership in job descriptions to increase.

Stay tuned for more articles on certifications, events and of course, jobs in the green, environmental and infrastructure markets. I welcome your comments and questions.

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