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A local college has come out with a new green degree program. Is it right for you? Will it help you get that  Green job in sustainability? A local green business guru is offering a new certification for small business. You want to know if it is right for you. How do you evaluate it?

In these tough times job seekers and small business owners are searching for ways to get the best green certifications, degrees and training programs suited for their success without getting scammed. Instead of trying to endorse one program over another(because it can be a matter of opinion) ” Is It Worth The Green?: Critical Questions You Should Answer Before Getting a Green Certification, Degree or Training”  allows the reader to objectively evaluate if the program they are considering will meet their expectations and give a return on investment.  Your money is important and you want make sure you get the best certification, degree or training to meet your needs. Buy it TodayAdd to Cart
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