Focus On Certifications:How Certifications Open Doors For Career Changers

In the time since I wrote the article “12 Licenses and Certifications You Will Need in The Green Economy”, people have asked me a number questions about certifications and their importance to employers in the green, environmental and infrastructure job market. I have been asked questions like : “How will a certification help me in my green job search? How does a certification help me from an educational standpoint? Are employers really looking for these certifications?” I am going to discuss these questions over my next series of posts but today I am going to expound on this question:”I am a Career Changer. How will a certification help me in my green job search?”


Now Hiring: How to Find Your Green, Environmental or Infrastructure Job Now

This article is an interview with the renowned author of “Green Careers For Dummies” Dr. Carol McClelland. In it, she shares some of the ways job seekers can bridge over the experience, education and skills gap into the world of green, environmental and infrastructure jobs.

Now Hiring: Green,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs You Don’t Know About

Despite what the media has been saying about a “double dip” recession and “jobless recovery, companies in the green, environmental and infrastructure industries are quietly hiring. Who are they hiring and what positions are they looking to fill? You know I love lists.At the end of this post I will provide links to jobs in the field I am discussing. Here is a short list of the types of people environmental and infrastructure companies are hiring

Hot Job Alert:National Architecture Business Leader

Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in executive search in Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries is now searching for National Architecture Business Leader for a national architecture/engineering consulting firm

Focus On Certifications: How Can a Certification Help My Green Job Search?

This series of posts are devoted to share information on certifications and licenses that are in demand in the green, environmental and infrastructure fields. My goal is to help job seekers to understand the role of education and certification in their careers and how they can use it to position themselves for better opportunities.