Blog Action Day:Jobs + Qualified People = Clean Water

Today, bloggers, companies and environmental groups from around the world are banding together to raise awareness about the need for clean water. Of course, I am the odd one of the bunch because my blog focuses on green, environmental and infrastructure jobs. I know the Blog Action Day folks wanted me to write something about water pollution or scarcity but the fundamental question for me is “How do we solve the clean water issue if we do not have enough qualified professionals to do the job?


7 Must Attend Environmental Conferences In 2010

Conferences and expos are excellent opportunities for learning about the latest technology, products, services and business opportunities. If you are interested in the carbon market,pollution control, water, recycling or renewable energy, here is a list of good places to go. Register early because space is limited.

9 Must Attend Smart Grid Events For Jobseekers and Entrepreneurs

The electrical grid like other parts of the American infrastructure hold great job and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who want to pursue them. As part of Hinton Human Capital’s ongoing campaign to make the general public aware of job opportunities in the Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure markets, here is a list of 9 SMART GRID conferences and events, compiled by our friends at the NILON GROUP, that will provide job seekers and entrepreneurs will information on companies, projects and jobs