Forestry:The Next BIG Climate Change Career

When I wrote that Forestry was going to be a potential area of career growth in the green economy. I could hear the snickering from across the country. How can the ultimate “tree hugger” job be a catalyst for climate change? Read this article to find out


The Big Secret About Climate Change Jobs Is Revealed: The 2009 Carbon Salary Survey Hits the Street

Are you a job seeker who is on the fence about moving to a career in Climate Change? Or are you a person contemplating a technical career in the Climate Change industry?

Now Is The Time to Get In Position For A Job Opportunity

Acona CMG, Acre Recruitment and Thomson Reuters have put out a salary survey you need to read now

Another Shade of Green: Top 5 Hot Financial Jobs in the Green Economy

Cap and Trade has been a political issue which has received a lot of attention in the news. Some applaud it and others criticize it for different reasons. What we wanted to know is “How is this new Green House Gas exchange market going to translate into jobs?” Read this post to find out about 5 hot accounting and finance jobs.

The First Green Tsunami of Job Opportunities

As the Stimulus package takes effect in more areas of the economy, environmental and infrastructure related jobs openings have begun to slowly increase. Now is the time to get in position and catch the wave.

6 Critical Skills Needed To Be a Successful Environmental Professional in the Global “Green” Economy

The “Green” economic upswing is approaching and America has a shortage of environmental professionals. As these initiatives take effect, companies will need professionals who have well rounded skills and the ability to produce results. If you are looking to get hired early in the American economy’s “Green” upswing, it is vitally important that your resume showcases your achievements, experience and skills in at least three of the following six skill areas: