Air & Waste Management Association Young Professionals – Is Professional Licensing Right for You? – Webinar

Today’s young environmental professionals are faced with many decisions when choosing a professional path that will result in the greatest potential for career advancement. Deciding which environmental credential or certification to pursue and how much time to invest can be a confusing and difficult task. Stephen Hinton joins a select group of environmental professionals to present the importance of making the right choice.


27 Areas of Potential Job Growth In the Green Economy

People have asked me “Where do you see growth in the area of green jobs?” The United States has a shortage of technical professionals when compared to other countries because low graduation numbers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. As the Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries pick up, here are the 27 fields where I believe well paying jobs will come available.

12 Green Economy Certifications on Blogtalk Radio

This is the radio program for the “12 Certifications and Licenses You Will Need in the Green Economy”

6 Critical Skills Needed To Be a Successful Environmental Professional in the Global “Green” Economy

The “Green” economic upswing is approaching and America has a shortage of environmental professionals. As these initiatives take effect, companies will need professionals who have well rounded skills and the ability to produce results. If you are looking to get hired early in the American economy’s “Green” upswing, it is vitally important that your resume showcases your achievements, experience and skills in at least three of the following six skill areas:

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Who Will Be Needed in the First Wave of Green Jobs

Kermit the Frog had it right – It is not easy being green. Especially if you are one of the thousands of people going after a “green job”. These job opportunities will be a driving force in the job market for years to come but they will not be easy to get initially