What makes Smart Grid Cybersecurity a green job?

The Smart Grid is a core component of the alternative energy strategy. Without it, the whole point of new energy development is lost. There will be good opportunities for those who are looking for potential job opportunities with the Grid. read more


Smart-grid cybersecurity means new Green IT jobs

Information Security professionals (CISSP) will play an integral part in the green economy. Not only will they protect the SMART grid from the usual enemies of a network (viruses, worms and other malware) but they will also have a key role in national security

9 Must Attend Smart Grid Events For Jobseekers and Entrepreneurs

The electrical grid like other parts of the American infrastructure hold great job and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who want to pursue them. As part of Hinton Human Capital’s ongoing campaign to make the general public aware of job opportunities in the Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure markets, here is a list of 9 SMART GRID conferences and events, compiled by our friends at the NILON GROUP, that will provide job seekers and entrepreneurs will information on companies, projects and jobs

12 Job Certifications and Licenses You Will Need In the Green Economy

As the Green economy heats up, employers will want to know if their new hires can meet the new standards set during the recession. These certifications will tell the employer that you are the right person for the job.

5 Critical Skills Needed to get an Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics Job in America

America has a shortage of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals. As the stimulus package takes effect, companies will need these technical professionals to have well rounded skills and the ability to produce results. If you are looking to get hired early in the American economy’s upswing, it is vitally important that your resume showcases your achievements, experience and skills in at least three of the following five skill areas: