Job Alert: Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator

Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in executive search in Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries is now searching for a EH&S Coordinator for the New Orleans, LA location of a petrochemical manufacturer. I


Readers Lead Discussion About Certifications,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs

I knew this would happen someday but I did not think it would be this bad. I have writer’s block. So to help me get through this tough situation, I am going to turn to you- the readers to start the discussion.

Air & Waste Management Association Young Professionals – Is Professional Licensing Right for You? – Webinar

Today’s young environmental professionals are faced with many decisions when choosing a professional path that will result in the greatest potential for career advancement. Deciding which environmental credential or certification to pursue and how much time to invest can be a confusing and difficult task. Stephen Hinton joins a select group of environmental professionals to present the importance of making the right choice.

Q&A: Are Oil Spill and Other Disaster Recovery Related Jobs Green?

Are Hazmat jobs considered green jobs? Who hires people with hazmat backgrounds? Let’s find out

The Hidden Green Jobs You Do Not Hear About

The mainstream media has had an all out blitz to promote alternative energy jobs as the green jobs of choice and the foreseeable future. While I agree that alternative energy is going to be a strong job creator, many of the companies and jobs will need a few more years to mature into stable opportunities. Now I want to add something to mix for those jobs in the green, environmental and infrastructure space that have been back burned, ignored and set aside because they do not garner the big head lines. Read More