A New Way to Look at Environmental Justice

For years, community activists, religious leaders and politicians have fought the construction of land fills in low income neighborhoods. To them, their presence has been a bane to the community that scares away businesses, lowers property values and pollutes the local environment. The reasons behind their protests are honorable and well founded. However, our country’s need to develop affordable, clean, alternative energy resources and the move toward “green” initiatives have begun to change the way we view problems and use resources.I would like to introduce a different and positive perspective that may change our perspective on landfills and the potential opportunities they hold for energy production and green jobs.


Job Alert: Global Environmental Health & Safety Director

Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in executive search in Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries is now searching for a Global EH&S Director for an international manufacturing company.

Special Report: Oil Spill Exposes The Need For More Environmental Health Related Professionals

Crude oil contains toxic chemicals which can present many different types of health problems in humans. The thousands of cleanup workers and residents in the affected Gulf Coast areas could be adversely affected by these chemicals if they do not take the right precautions. There will be an increased need for environmental health personnel to monitor and treat the maladies which will result from oil exposure.

Special Report: More Information on Oil Spill and Environmental Disaster Related Jobs

The mainstream media has had a field day examining the dangers of coal mining and offshore drilling in the wake of the recent disasters. Here is a different perspective on how an environmental crisis and disaster can mean new job opportunities.

Special Report: Oil Spill Related Environmental and Disaster Jobs on the Rise

Louisiana Oil Spill is one of the largest man made disasters of recent times. One whose effects will reverberate to gulf economy for years to come. While it may setback the local Louisiana fishing industries for a period of time, it will also create a boon of local environmental cleanup jobs and could lead to more environmental science jobs in the future.