Special Report: What We Have Learned From The Oil Spills

The Gulf Oil Spill has taught us that a spill is not a singular event but a series of poor decisions; lax regulatory enforcement or maintenance;a lack of qualified/well-trained people and bottom line thinking. One question that I have been asked about this situation is “What have we learned that can help combat future oil spills” . Here are some of the things we have learned from the oil spill.

America has received “crash” courses in petroleum


Hinton Human Capital Jobs Alert

Environmental and Infrastructure Job market is heating up! Come and see the types of jobs Hinton Human Capital has in store

We Need More Dam Engineers, Inspectors and Floodplain Managers.

Floods. Dam failures. Levee breaches. Most of us have seen their devastation in news reports and on television from Rhode Island, New Orleans, Minnesota, California and yes – Metro Atlanta. They have caused billions of dollars of damage and claimed hundreds of lives over the last few years. But there are strong job opportunities in this area of infrastructure, the general public has not heard about.

The Environmental and Infrastructure Job Markets Are Heating Up. Are You Ready To Jump In?

I am sure that many of you have read the political rancor over Green and Stimulus related jobs. Whether you agree or disagree with how many jobs were “saved” versus “created” from the stimulus bill, there is a positive trend in the economy worth talking about: Environmental and Infrastructure job openings are heating up.

27 Areas of Potential Job Growth In the Green Economy

People have asked me “Where do you see growth in the area of green jobs?” The United States has a shortage of technical professionals when compared to other countries because low graduation numbers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. As the Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries pick up, here are the 27 fields where I believe well paying jobs will come available.