Now Hiring: Green,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs You Don’t Know About

Despite what the media has been saying about a “double dip” recession and “jobless recovery, companies in the green, environmental and infrastructure industries are quietly hiring. Who are they hiring and what positions are they looking to fill? You know I love lists.At the end of this post I will provide links to jobs in the field I am discussing. Here is a short list of the types of people environmental and infrastructure companies are hiring


Focus On Certifications: How Can a Certification Help My Green Job Search?

This series of posts are devoted to share information on certifications and licenses that are in demand in the green, environmental and infrastructure fields. My goal is to help job seekers to understand the role of education and certification in their careers and how they can use it to position themselves for better opportunities.

Blog Action Day:Jobs + Qualified People = Clean Water

Today, bloggers, companies and environmental groups from around the world are banding together to raise awareness about the need for clean water. Of course, I am the odd one of the bunch because my blog focuses on green, environmental and infrastructure jobs. I know the Blog Action Day folks wanted me to write something about water pollution or scarcity but the fundamental question for me is “How do we solve the clean water issue if we do not have enough qualified professionals to do the job?

3 Reasons Why Many Green, Environmental & Infrastructure Jobs Will Go Unfilled

The NBC news channels are doing special reports called “Education Nation” which are focusing on education in America. Those who know me know that I am a huge supporter of science education and I thought this would be a perfect time to shed some light on how education will affect the jobs in the Green, Environmental and Infrastructure career fields

Job Alert:Senior Project Manager/Environmental Group Leader

Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in executive search in Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries is now searching for a Senior Project Manager/Environmental Group Leader for a national engineering consulting firm in San Francisco, CA. Ideal candidate will have at least 15 years of demonstrated experience in environmental consulting. Read more