The Environmental and Infrastructure Job Markets Are Heating Up. Are You Ready To Jump In?

I am sure that many of you have read the political rancor over Green and Stimulus related jobs. Whether you agree or disagree with how many jobs were “saved” versus “created” from the stimulus bill, there is a positive trend in the economy worth talking about: Environmental and Infrastructure job openings are heating up.


Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs from Hinton Human Capital

Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in climate change, environmental and engineering search is currently seeking experienced individuals for our current job openings.


The week of July 13 was the turning point in the economy. Wall Street analysts and economists have declared the recession over. Their calls were based on a confluence of economic data which showed signs of growth in the coming months. Of course like all of you, we wanted to know how these declarations translate into jobs and what should a person do to jump start their job search. Read more…

Another Shade of Green: Top 5 Hot Financial Jobs in the Green Economy

Cap and Trade has been a political issue which has received a lot of attention in the news. Some applaud it and others criticize it for different reasons. What we wanted to know is “How is this new Green House Gas exchange market going to translate into jobs?” Read this post to find out about 5 hot accounting and finance jobs.

The Federal Employment Crisis: Apply For Your Job Now

Did you know that the US government has lost an estimated 660,000 employees since 2004 to retirement? The stimulus may stimlute more government jobs in coming months.