5 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Pursuing Green Certifications,Degrees Or Training

There are hundreds of employment scams, unaccredited training and college degree programs offering the promise of a new job in green industries to those who are in need. As a consumer and job seeker, you need a way to research opportunities to make sure you take the path that is right for your career.


Responding To “Charting The Growth Industries”On BLACK ENTERPRISE.COM

My purpose for this response is not disparage Black Enterprise Magazine nor the persons in the article but to help the further the conversation on areas of job growth.Our country’s environment and infrastructure are paramount to our country’s long-term economic prosperity. Unfortunately, the public learns most about the shortages professional in these markets when disaster strikes.

The Best of Hinton Human Capital Blog 2009

As you know, economic recovery is not a speedy process but there are positive signs that things are changing. The whole premise of our articles and blog is to tell the public about jobs , certifications and licenses and job search strategy which will help position them for success. Read more of our picks for 2009

Water Infrastructure Jobs Will Heat Up In Late 2010

Many of the predictions about the job market in 2010 have a common theme: Competition for jobs will be high and hiring will be will be slow to pick up. While I agree that some areas of the economy will be in a slow growth mode, I can say with full assurance that the Environmental and Infrastructure job markets will heat up and gain speed toward the end of 2010 especially the water infrastructure. Don’t believe me? Read more

5 Things Women Need to Know To Win in the Green or Stem Job Market”

Women are a very important part of the US workforce. Now that we are moving into the era of Green and STEM jobs, which have been male dominated fields throughout history, the movement of women into these fields will be critical to the our country’s long term economic growth. This show shares important strategies that women need to land a successful job and manage their careers.