Water Infrastructure Jobs Will Heat Up In Late 2010

Many of the predictions about the job market in 2010 have a common theme: Competition for jobs will be high and hiring will be will be slow to pick up. While I agree that some areas of the economy will be in a slow growth mode, I can say with full assurance that the Environmental and Infrastructure job markets will heat up and gain speed toward the end of 2010 especially the water infrastructure. Don’t believe me? Read more


“Social Media and The Technical Job Seeker: What You Need To Know” With Special Guest Jeff Lipschulz

Now that the stimulus package has begun to show some tangible results. JobTalk With Hinton Human Capital is now focusing on helping job seekers in the green and STEM job markets to position themselves for new job opportunities. This interview with Social Media expert and Recruiter Jeff Lipschultz will new and social media savvy job seekers get the most out of their efforts. Jeff also lays out a strategy for job seekers to use Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites as a system for personal branding, networking and referrals

Just Released! Stillness In The Storm Paperback

In these troubled times, many job seekers have become discouraged and wonder why GOD is not doing something about their situation.Stillness In The Storm Quotes is about the spiritual lessons learned through unemployment and how GOD prepares us for the next phase of our career and life. It offers the reader those “spiritual nuggets” of encouragement they need to get through the tough times.

The Job-Hunt.org Career Changer’s Guide: Career Lists and Schools

The slow economic recovery has forced many people to reconsider their career choices and look for opportunities in new industries. Here is a resource from jobhunt.org that I recommend you use to get your job search on track.

Let’s Talk Green, Climate Change and Stimulus Jobs

Are you a green jobseeker looking for an edge? Listen to Blogtalk with Hinton Human Capital. An emerging leader in the Green Job markets.