Now Hiring: Green,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs You Don’t Know About

Despite what the media has been saying about a “double dip” recession and “jobless recovery, companies in the green, environmental and infrastructure industries are quietly hiring. Who are they hiring and what positions are they looking to fill? You know I love lists.At the end of this post I will provide links to jobs in the field I am discussing. Here is a short list of the types of people environmental and infrastructure companies are hiring


Special Report: What We Have Learned From The Oil Spills

The Gulf Oil Spill has taught us that a spill is not a singular event but a series of poor decisions; lax regulatory enforcement or maintenance;a lack of qualified/well-trained people and bottom line thinking. One question that I have been asked about this situation is “What have we learned that can help combat future oil spills” . Here are some of the things we have learned from the oil spill.

America has received “crash” courses in petroleum

Special Report: Michigan In Big Fight With River Oil Spill

Here we go again. The BP oil spill, the oil spill in China and this one in Michigan are strong omens that our nation needs to invest in environmental clean up technology and training. We do not have any information on jobs yet but here is a list of cleanup contractors in the area.

Special Report: The Long Term Oil Spill Jobs Come Into View

Once the oil well is fully capped and the relief well is in production, we should expect a major ramp up of clean up operations to begin. When I say “major” I mean that I expect more people and equipment to get involved in the clean up process to get the spill cleaned up as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Once the cleanup has stopped, the “shovel based” cleanup jobs will wind down and the restoration and monitoring focused jobs will start appearing. These jobs will go forward for a long time and may require people with specialized skills. Let me explain further.

Readers Lead Discussion About Certifications,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs

I knew this would happen someday but I did not think it would be this bad. I have writer’s block. So to help me get through this tough situation, I am going to turn to you- the readers to start the discussion.