3 Reasons Why Many Green, Environmental & Infrastructure Jobs Will Go Unfilled

The NBC news channels are doing special reports called “Education Nation” which are focusing on education in America. Those who know me know that I am a huge supporter of science education and I thought this would be a perfect time to shed some light on how education will affect the jobs in the Green, Environmental and Infrastructure career fields


A New Way to Look at Environmental Justice

For years, community activists, religious leaders and politicians have fought the construction of land fills in low income neighborhoods. To them, their presence has been a bane to the community that scares away businesses, lowers property values and pollutes the local environment. The reasons behind their protests are honorable and well founded. However, our country’s need to develop affordable, clean, alternative energy resources and the move toward “green” initiatives have begun to change the way we view problems and use resources.I would like to introduce a different and positive perspective that may change our perspective on landfills and the potential opportunities they hold for energy production and green jobs.

9 Must Attend Smart Grid Events For Jobseekers and Entrepreneurs

The electrical grid like other parts of the American infrastructure hold great job and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who want to pursue them. As part of Hinton Human Capital’s ongoing campaign to make the general public aware of job opportunities in the Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure markets, here is a list of 9 SMART GRID conferences and events, compiled by our friends at the NILON GROUP, that will provide job seekers and entrepreneurs will information on companies, projects and jobs