Senior Wastewater Engineer/Project Manager

Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in executive search in Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries is now searching for a Senior Water/Wastewater Engineer for a national engineering consulting firm.


Readers Lead Discussion About Certifications,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs

I knew this would happen someday but I did not think it would be this bad. I have writer’s block. So to help me get through this tough situation, I am going to turn to you- the readers to start the discussion.

Air & Waste Management Association Young Professionals – Is Professional Licensing Right for You? – Webinar

Today’s young environmental professionals are faced with many decisions when choosing a professional path that will result in the greatest potential for career advancement. Deciding which environmental credential or certification to pursue and how much time to invest can be a confusing and difficult task. Stephen Hinton joins a select group of environmental professionals to present the importance of making the right choice.

What makes Smart Grid Cybersecurity a green job?

The Smart Grid is a core component of the alternative energy strategy. Without it, the whole point of new energy development is lost. There will be good opportunities for those who are looking for potential job opportunities with the Grid. read more

Is It Worth The Green?: How To Determine Which Green Certification, Degree or Training Is Right for You

There are Green certifications, degree and training programs in the marketplace promising to help the unemployed and starving business owner to land the perfect green job or government contract. “Is It Worth The Green” is a book of questions purposed to get the reader into “research mode” to separate fact from fiction before they invest their time and money.