We Need More Dam Engineers, Inspectors and Floodplain Managers.

Floods. Dam failures. Levee breaches. Most of us have seen their devastation in news reports and on television from Rhode Island, New Orleans, Minnesota, California and yes – Metro Atlanta. They have caused billions of dollars of damage and claimed hundreds of lives over the last few years. But there are strong job opportunities in this area of infrastructure, the general public has not heard about.


Smart-grid cybersecurity means new Green IT jobs

Information Security professionals (CISSP) will play an integral part in the green economy. Not only will they protect the SMART grid from the usual enemies of a network (viruses, worms and other malware) but they will also have a key role in national security

11 Hot Infrastructure Jobs You Can Get Without a 4 Year College Degree

This article is intended to tell the public about some career fields they may have not considered . Why? These types of jobs do not normally require a college degree and have shortages of workers in good times. Further, the emphasis on LEED certified projects will make these jobs even more attractive to those who want get in on the “ground floor” and work their way into construction management. The stimulus related projects will also cause the need for these people to ramp up substantially. Don’t believe me? Check out the facts.

The Best of Hinton Human Capital Blog 2009

As you know, economic recovery is not a speedy process but there are positive signs that things are changing. The whole premise of our articles and blog is to tell the public about jobs , certifications and licenses and job search strategy which will help position them for success. Read more of our picks for 2009

The 7 Hottest Certifications For The 2010 Economic Recovery

Last year we talked about the “12 Certifications and Licenses You Will Need In The Green Economy”. In 2010, we are unveiling the 7 hottest certifications for the economic recovery.