Hinton Human Capital Jobs Alert

Environmental and Infrastructure Job market is heating up! Come and see the types of jobs Hinton Human Capital has in store


The Hidden Green Jobs You Do Not Hear About

The mainstream media has had an all out blitz to promote alternative energy jobs as the green jobs of choice and the foreseeable future. While I agree that alternative energy is going to be a strong job creator, many of the companies and jobs will need a few more years to mature into stable opportunities. Now I want to add something to mix for those jobs in the green, environmental and infrastructure space that have been back burned, ignored and set aside because they do not garner the big head lines. Read More

What makes Smart Grid Cybersecurity a green job?

The Smart Grid is a core component of the alternative energy strategy. Without it, the whole point of new energy development is lost. There will be good opportunities for those who are looking for potential job opportunities with the Grid. read more

Smart-grid cybersecurity means new Green IT jobs

Information Security professionals (CISSP) will play an integral part in the green economy. Not only will they protect the SMART grid from the usual enemies of a network (viruses, worms and other malware) but they will also have a key role in national security

Water Infrastructure Jobs Will Heat Up In Late 2010

Many of the predictions about the job market in 2010 have a common theme: Competition for jobs will be high and hiring will be will be slow to pick up. While I agree that some areas of the economy will be in a slow growth mode, I can say with full assurance that the Environmental and Infrastructure job markets will heat up and gain speed toward the end of 2010 especially the water infrastructure. Don’t believe me? Read more