11 Hot Infrastructure Jobs You Can Get Without a 4 Year College Degree

This article is intended to tell the public about some career fields they may have not considered . Why? These types of jobs do not normally require a college degree and have shortages of workers in good times. Further, the emphasis on LEED certified projects will make these jobs even more attractive to those who want get in on the “ground floor” and work their way into construction management. The stimulus related projects will also cause the need for these people to ramp up substantially. Don’t believe me? Check out the facts.


6 Critical Skills Needed To Be a Successful Environmental Professional in the Global “Green” Economy

The “Green” economic upswing is approaching and America has a shortage of environmental professionals. As these initiatives take effect, companies will need professionals who have well rounded skills and the ability to produce results. If you are looking to get hired early in the American economy’s “Green” upswing, it is vitally important that your resume showcases your achievements, experience and skills in at least three of the following six skill areas: